Thursday, 4 June 2015

Make Potato and Cheese Soup with Pressure Cooker & Surprise Your Kids


Preparing food in the kitchen is a great approach to fresh your mind and at the same time you can spend quantity time with your children. And who doesn’t want to surprise her kids with brand new recipes? You can always try to prepare new things as kids don’t like same foodstuff on a regular basis. You can use sunkwik inner lid pressure cooker for delicious soups, curries, spicy snacks and various recipes as well. The increased pressure plus high temperature contained in a pressure cooker makes the cooking process quicker and you can save a lot of time on the whole.

I will let you know a delicious potato and cheese soup recipe which your kids will love.

You will need these ingredients:-

a) Four-Six large potatoes, you need to peel and cut the potatoes into one inch cubes.
b) Four small onions (chopped)
c) Four cups of milk
d) Salt & Black Pepper according to taste
e) Vegetable or Chicken broth, alternatively you can add half cup water
f) Three cups of grated cheddar cheese
g) One tablespoon chopped parsley
h) Fresh rosemary and chives (optional)

Let’s check how to make the soup. Put potatoes, onions, salt and broth in the pressure cooker. You can add the fresh rosemary and chives before cooking the potatoes.  Bring to full pressure on high heat. After few minutes reduce the heat and remove the cooker from gas.

Let the pressure release naturally. Blend the mixture with a hand blender or you can mash it as well. After that add the milk and black pepper, place the cooker on medium heat and bring to boil for 3-5minutes, stir the mixture continuously. Serve hot with grated cheese and parsley.
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