Saturday, 6 June 2015

Cook Fast and Safe – Benefits of Pressure Cooking


Shivani finds the morning quite hectic. She has to cook for her kids. She has to prepare the lunch for herself and for her husband. Now when she is running around the house doing daily chores her eyes fall on the pressure cooker left at the corner of the cupboard. Maybe some memory in the past is still haunting her. The memory of food splattering at every corner of the room and a burst make her hesitant to use the utensil. But there is only one thing that can save her time and energy, pressure cooking.

Sunkwik Pressure Cooker 10 Litres

Pressure cooker manufacturers are coming up with safe products that are making cooking safer. But apart from fast cooking pressure cooker offers a few more advantages too.

•    When you are cooking in a pressure cooker the food retains most of the nutrients in it. As a result it is tastier than the food cooked in an open pot. When you are cooking in a pan most of the steam goes evaporated. But in pressure cooker the protein and nutrients remain in the pot. The juice becomes tastier automatically and retains the food value of it.

•    Pressure cooker saves a lot of energy. Cooking in a leaded pot means the heat remains inside the pot. That makes cooking a faster affair. And the heat makes the whole process energy saving. Cooking requires a lot less heat while cooked in a pressure cooker.

•    Pressure cooking means a cleaner and cooler kitchen. Since the food is cooked in a closed pot there is a little fear of juice spilling on the stove top. The heat remains enclosed. That is why the required heat is less than usual.

If Shivani or someone like her is reading the blog I am sure that advantages are enough to convince them to use the pressure cooker while cooking. Cook safe, eat healthy.
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