Friday, 8 December 2017

Get Started With The Super Fast Pressure Cooking


There is a lot of buzz about the quickest cooking technique that is pressure cooking. With the invention of a Pressure Cooker, it has become possible to cook any dish in a couple of minutes unlike the other cookware. Once upon a time pressure cooking was considered as the epitome of homespun cooking. The early renditions of the pressure cookers were very complicated but became quite user-friendly as days passed. When the microwaves became the mainstream, at that time the pressure cookers fell out of the favor of the homemakers. The recent demand of the instant pots comes from the professional chefs besides the home cooks. Preparing modern cuisines for weeknight dinners are simple now with the latest models of pressure cookers. Here is a deeper look at what a pressure cooker can do in making delicious dishes.

If one is a pressure cooking novice then it is always better to stick with the proven recipes until one gets the full swing of using the pot. Knowing the ratios and the cooking settings exactly needs a little time and practice. Using a guide can help to avoid mistakes and waste ingredients. Do not worry since the basic steps of pressure cooking are pretty simple.

Firstly, one has to collect and prepare the ingredients. General preps such as sweating the onions or the other vegetables for softening, trimming and cutting and trimming the ingredients, browning the ground meat and searing a crust onto the roast come under this category. After the pre-cooking preparation is done one can put the chopped and peeled ingredients inside the pot with at least one cup of liquid mainly water. Then after securely closing the lid one can adjust the temperature, flame and the pressure level as per the requirement. After the cooking is done and the ingredients are tender, the steam is released according to the instructions mentioned in the recipe note. Explore a simple recipe from the book of pressure cooking to warm up during a chilling cold day.  

A hot bowl of flavorful soup – Just as easily and swiftly as broth is prepared in a pressure, so are the soups made.

Try out this Zucchini Basil Soup. Sauté the garlic and the onions in the cooker itself with a little amount of oil prior to adding the zucchinis and then the basil leaves. Then season it with salt and pepper powder. The soup will be ready in front within 15-20 minutes. The vegetable soup with beef or any red meat can take a little more time and effort as compared to this zucchini and basil soup. A spin in a modern Sunkwik Pressure Cooker can help in making any dish in a short span of time. All that is needed is to wait for a couple of whistles. To make the Nordstrom's popular tomato soup, one needs to just cut the onions and the carrots in dices and straight away put them in the pot with the liquid base and seasoning along with the soup powder in the packet. Your hot soup will be there in the dining table in minutes. 
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