Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Expand Pressure Cooking Variation With Latest Accessories


Accessories expand the ability of the pressure cookers from just braising and boiling to baking, steaming, canning, juicing and cooking one-pot meals. The Pressure Cooker Manufacturers in India manufacture and supplies these at modest prices at different locations of the country.
  • ·      A pizza plate: - A ceramic pressure cooking ensures safe cooking inside the pressure cooker. A ceramic pizza plate is the best surface for a pressure cooker to sit one. These plates are totally flattened at all edges and are heat proof and water proof too. The short ridge on the outer side never interferes with electrical plugs. Using this plate as a base of your pressure cooker protects the vessel from less than the ideal conditions. Different sizes are available and can be purchased according to the pressure cooker size.
  •      Heat proof containers: - With these accessories it is now possible to cook puddings, cakes, flans, etc inside a pressure cooker too. Recipes may vary but the base remain the same that is a liquid mainly water filled to a certain height. The delicate ingredients are wrapped tightly in aluminium foil papers to keep the extremely heated steam at bay and are kept in the steamer baskets. Sometimes small containers or ramekins are also used. If the cooker is tall or the containers are too low then the small containers can also be stacked like pyramids. A tong or gloves must be used to bring out these containers from the pressure cooker. The height of the container and the steamer basket must never exceed the fill line of the pressure cooker used. The heat-proof containers are made up of silicon, pyrex, ceramic, copper, aluminium, stainless steel or any other material that can bear extreme temperatures without getting damaged. The containers can be of any shape like cups or bowls. For some of the recipes, these containers must be covered during the cooking process. The sealing must be done using any heat-proof material like aluminium foil. Some of the containers already have a cover which can be used for this purpose.
  •      Steamer baskets: - These have made it possible to cook any steamed dish inside a pressure cooker too. Vegetables, fruits, eggs, etc all can be steamed using this accessory. The multi-level and compartments enables to steam several ingredients at the same time. The ingredients that take the maximum time to soften must be placed at the lowest compartment or lowest level of the steamer basket. The lowest level is the nearest to the heat source which helps to soften the hardest ingredient in the same time. A trivet should be used to keep the steamer at a height above the liquid level inside the pressure cooker. Silicon ones must be used to avoid scratching of the inner walls of the pressure cooker.
  •       A glass-lid: - A glass-lid is preferred since one can take the view of the dish even during the cooking process.

Other than these few, there are several other Pressure Cooker Accessories like racks, idly stands, etc that have made pressure cooking the best choice for all home-makers and office going women.
Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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