Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Cook Fast, Cook Healthy – Why Pressure Cooking is Healthy


When Shikha everyday prepares for her and her husband’s lunch and kids’ lunch for school she ends up being exhausted. While going to office she becomes completely tired for a long cooking period. But she was terrified to use the leaded pot that was sitting at the corner of her cupboard in kitchen. On being asked why she wasn’t using the pressure cooker while cooking she shared an old memory of bursting and food splattering everywhere. But when I heard about this I made her understand that pressure cooker products are becoming quite safer and using them is quite a wiser choice.

Apart from fast cooking pressure cooker offers some other benefits too. Take a look.

•    Since you are cooking in a closed utensil it is going to be a faster process. But at the same time the food will retain more nutrients and more taste than cooking in an open pot. Most of the nutrients become evaporated when you are cooking in an open stove top pot. As a result the food becomes less tasty. Opt for a pressure cooker as it will keep the nutrients intact in the food.

•    Pressure cookers save energy. When you are cooking on a stove top pan the heat and energy goes away with the steam. But in the case of pressure cooker the limited surface of the pot speeds up the cooking process and helps to save the energy.

•    Pressure cooking means cooler and cleaner kitchen. Since the food is being cooked in a closed pot, there is quite a little chance of spilling the juices. On the other hand the heat remains enclosed in the pot. The kitchen remains cooler than other times.

Use your pressure cooker the way Shikha is using and finding it easier and faster to use.
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