Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Make A Tasty Preparation In Your Pressure Cooker Within 30 Minutes


The festive season is around the corner and you just want to prepare some tasty meals for your family but at the shortest possible time. Thus, you need to prepare some easy and tasty recopies in your Pressure Cooker In India so that you can enjoy a grand meal.  It depends on the dish and the pressure cooker that whether you want to cook slow or fast in your pressure cooker to prepare the desired meal.  What about a complete one pot meal? It’s called Chicken spicy stew with chickpeas and tomatoes.

You just need to add chicken, potatoes, freshly sliced tomatoes, sliced onion, and bay leaves in the pressure cooker.  Then seal the lid and start heating it.  While the tomatoes and chicken will release some of its juices and with that juice, the onions and the potatoes will get cooked. Thus, after 30 minutes you will find that the entire dish is prepared with some tender potatoes and chicken with fully flavoured.

The idea of using minimum ingredients and relying on an Induction Based Pressure Cooker is definitely not at all a bad idea.  You can also try out other chicken meals in the same way with just different ingredients. What about opting for chicken with legumes? Generally, these kinds of preparation are wholesome food and required less than 40 minutes to cook.  You can take up chicken and chickpeas to make a wonderful meal.  To add a taste to the preparation you can use Spanish style chorizo, some amount of paprika to get that spicy and smoky flavour. Also, you can add some sautéed onions to burn out the excess fat and some roasted tomatoes as well. As the recipe is prepared with very little ingredients so you just need to prepare the ingredients and definitely you won’t take much effort to dice it beforehand.

As you are already putting the cooked chickpeas inside the pressure cooker, so the dish will require quite less time to get prepared.  It will not take more than 15 minutes to get prepared. Once you will open the pressure cooker lid you will notice a thick rich stew with several smoky flavours in it as well as intense soft chicken pieces.  Make sure you don’t forget to season it with salt and pepper according to taste.
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