Thursday, 12 April 2018

Tips To Use A Pressure Cooking In The Right Manner.


Cooking in a Pressure Cooker is absolutely perfect for the office goers. Lots of energy and time can be saved without compromising on the taste of the dish. Moreover, the dish becomes healthier and retains the minerals and the vitamins because of less usage of oil when pressure cooked the dish. This would have been lost if the dish was cooked in a regular frying pan or a kadhai. Pressure cookers can be considered as the leopards of the world of cooking. These pots are just so damn fast and efficient. Before using a pressure cooker for the first time one must know certain things and understand how to use the pot to avoid any kind of accident and to cook in the right way. Know the basic working procedure of pressure cooking and get started safely.

Understand Your Pressure Cooker First Or Know What The Pressure Cooker Doest

When a pressure is turned on, the extreme heat generates the steam inside the pot that cooks the dish rapidly by raising the boiling point. Basically, there are two types of pressure cookers. The first category is the old traditional model having a ‘jiggle top’ or a weighted pressure regulator, which sits on the top of the vent pipe of the lid. The second category is the freshest model that uses the spring valves and the closed system.

Check To Ensure That There Are No Cracks Or Dents In Your Cooker Prior To Using It

Never forget to check that the cooker is clean and does not any leftover foods. The cracked cookers can be dangerous as these pots can release hot steam and can burn the user.

Know The Right Way To Fill The Cooker

There should always be some liquid in the pressure cooker before anything is cooked in it. Most of the dishes call for some liquid to be used. The pressure cooker must never be more than 2/3rd full of liquid as there should be room for the accumulation of the steam.

For The Jiggle-Top Cooker – There should be a minimum of one cup of water in the jiggle-top cooker. This quantity of water is sufficient for approximately twenty minutes of cooking.

For The Valve Pressure Cooker – At least half cup of water is required for cooking in this type of pressure cooker.

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