Thursday, 11 June 2015

Cook Fast and Eat Healthy – Benefits of Pressure Cooking


Every morning Shikha ends up getting tired and exhausted after running after her kids and preparing their lunch. Then she gets busy with the preparation of her and her husband’s lunch. Because of the time constraint it becomes quite tough for her to cook and get ready for work. In such a situation she wants to cook first but at the end she refrains from using the leaded pot kept aside in her cupboard. It is the memory that prevents her from using the cooker. But she is needed to be convinced that pressure cookers and pressure cooker accessories are now safer to use.
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When you are in the rush and need to cook fast nothing can be as helpful as a pressure cooker. Skipping lunch every day is never a good idea. It is true that you cannot always compromise with the nutrients.
Pressure cooker offers few benefits apart from fast cooking. Take a look.

i) Since the food is cooked in a closed pot it retains most of the taste and nutrients. When you are cooking in an open pot all the heat and spices gets evaporated. As a result food loses its taste and nutrients. In pressure cooker food gets cooked in a closed pot. Most of the nutrients remain inside the pot. It results in tastier food.

ii) The whole process of pressure cooking saves a lot of energy. Since the heat remains in the enclosed pot it takes a lesser amount of heat to cook. If you are thinking to save your gas pressure cooking is the best option for you.
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iii) Pressure cooker ensures that you can cook in a cooler and cleaner kitchen. Since the whole process takes a little time and the heat remains enclosed you can cook in a cooler atmosphere. On the other hand when you are not cooking in an open pot there is less chances of spilling the juice on the stove top.

I am sure many women like Shikha will like to use pressure cooker and these information will definitely help them to be convinced.
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