Monday, 16 October 2017

Use Refreshingly Different Pressure Cookers For Cooking


Cooking in a pressure cooker is much faster than any other conventional cooking techniques. It saves a lot of energy, gas and time. The excess pressure in created inside the pot by boiling any liquid. The trapped steam of this liquid raises the temperature and pressure inside the airtight pot.
The Best Pressure Cookers in India are featured with extra advantages some of which are the following: -
  • The safety lid-locks – These are the improved precautionary traits of a pressure cooker. The safety locks keep the users away from any kind of accidents. These lids cannot be opened directly which prevents the pressure from escaping the container. Some of the models are fitted with an additional lid-lock which needs to be pushed by the users to keep the pressure inside the pot. The lock should be released to open the lid.
  • Pressure valves: - The best quality models are fitted with the most updated pressure valves. These valves make the usage safer. The valves suppress unnecessary noise during the cooking process. Mainly there are three types of pressure cookers.

1.       Spring loaded pressure valves.
2.       Pop-up indicators.
3.       Jiggle-top indicators.
  •         Construction of the cookers: - The aluminium bodied ones are sometimes reactive to the cooked dishes. The best ones are made up of stainless steel which can defy the high pressure while cooking. The latest models are dishwasher safe. These have three-ply encapsulated base.
  •      Heat restoring pressure release mechanism: - This is the quick release mechanism in which heat is not lost during the release of pressure. This feature helps to maintain the high temperature inside the cooker during cooking. Due to the quick release mechanism, extra ingredients can be added in the middle of the cooking process.

Based on the lid fittings, there are two types of pressure cookers, inner-lid and outer-lid. The Inner Lid Pressure Cooker is safer and easier to use than the outer-lid ones. The inner-lid is found to have some resistance which reduces the chance of bursting. The only minus point of these types is that these have less volume or capacity as compared t the outer-lid pressure cookers.
The best pressure cookers have all the traits which ensure faster and better cooking, reliability, durability and safety while cooking. The flavour of the food is not at all disturbed.
Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India


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