Monday, 9 October 2017

Reasons Why Pressure Cooker Is Better Than Slow Cookers


Definitely, if you want to cook very fast then you must buy a Pressure Cooker in India because if you compare you will find that it is better than any other kind of slow cookers. Here are some useful tips which you must follow and believe that pressure cooker cooking is the best form of cooking.

  • If you want to cook meals that are not planned - The biggest difference between both the cookers is that one is low and the other one is fast.  If you got a pressure cooker back in your home and come to home after 6.00 p.m. and want to prepare a meal by 7 p.m., then your pressure cooker is the savior for you. But, in a slow cooker, it is definitely not at all possible. Not only it depends on your cooking style but also you must know whether you are all right with something more or not.
  • If you love to eat beans -  If you are planning to cook vegetables and especially beans then you must opt for pressure cooker because slow cookers will take a lot of time. Also, it is not advisable to cook in the slow cooker because it takes a lot of time, as well as the beans fell apart and the taste of the beans does not stay the same.  You can actually cook the vegetables in Inner Lid Pressure Cooker as well. Although you can make both chicken and beans together and get a fine stock out of it to use the same for later.
  • If you don’t have enough space in the kitchen -  A pressure cooker is the perfect cookware to make different kinds of food in the single place. A slow cooker insert on the other can only be used for some specific use. Thus, it’s advisable and better to keep a pressure cooker where you can cook all kinds of food.  Also, it prepares all kind of food just perfectly.
  • Can wide range of foods – Some pressure cookers also used for pressure canners as well.  If you want to preserve foods like soups you can use it in a pressure cooker.  This actually you won’t like in a slow cooker and actually, it’s not used for canning process as well.

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India


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