Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Get Informed About the Parts of Pressure Cooker


It is important that you must have proper information about different parts of pressure cooker before you buy a new one. It is also necessary that you must know the details of different pressure cooker accessories so that you stay remain safe.

The body of the pressure cooker should never be filled above 66%. This is done so that the steam gets enough time to passes away from the vent tube. It is also said that the method is used so that food like lentils or any kind of rice does not get stick with the surface of the cooker. Here is some more information about different parts of the pressure cooker:-

Pressure Regulator - The regulator which is installed in the pressure cooker actually controls the pressure inside the cooker and try to ups the pressure at least 15 pounds and it provide sufficient amount of pressure to cook the food. It also emits a sound after it reaches a certain pressure.

Vent Pipe - This is the place where the regulator of the pressure actually is attached. The main work of the vent pipe is to steam out the excess amount of steam so that it is able to maintain the pressure internally.

Air Vent - If you buy online pressure cooker then you must check that your pressure cooker must comes with cover lock as the material sits on the cover of the cooker. As the pressure cooker starts heating up it automatically release the air. The equipment also acts as a visual indicator.

Sealing Ring - Another important component present in the pressure cooker is the sealing ring. This ring actually creates a seal between the body and cover of the cooker.

OverPressure Plug - The work of the overpressure plug is quite similar to pressure regulator and it is also releases a lot of pressure from the cooker.

Cooking Rack - It actually separates the liquid from the food and considered to be very useful accessory of pressure cooker. It is so because due to this part you can cook different kind of dishes at the same time.

Cover Handle - In the cover handle you can find a hole and this will allow you to know whether there is enough pressure inside the unit or not. Also, it is used to uncover the lid of the pressure cooker.

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