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Dos and Don’ts to make your Pressure Cooker Work Better


When you are on the rush with your fast paced life and you are thinking to make things easier for you, opt for pressure cooker. It is obvious that cooking becomes quite a task when you are running after your kids for school and rushing to your office. While cooking fast you can’t and shouldn’t compromise with the nutrition and food value. Hence, the pressure cooker can play an important role in your life. If you are thinking of buying a pressure cooker you need to know what you should and what you should not to make your pressure cooker perform at its best.

Ik-Mik Sun-Kwik Pressure Cooker
Ik-Mik Pressure Cooker

Take a look of the dos and don’ts of a pressure cooker.

Water is important in pressure cooker. As the cooking will happen with steam there should be enough amount of water in your cooker. But make sure that you don’t overfill it.

Make sure that the vent tube is free of any blockage. Just make sure that you can see light through it when you are using it. A blocked vent can be the reason of accident as well. Apart from that the steam won’t be able to go outside of the pot.

If you find that the pressure cooker is releasing the steam around the lid it is indicating that the cooker is asking for a new gasket. If you do not change it, the cooking will take more time than before and will cause waste of heat and energy.

If you are using an inner lid pressure cooker you need to take care if the lid sits on the pressure cooker properly or not. Make sure the direction of arrow in the cooker body or rim matches with the arrow onto the lid. Place it properly and you will get the best results in cooking.

Follow these instructions and enjoy the fun of safe and fast cooking.
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